Monday, October 1, 2012

Harvest Monday - October 1, 2012

This week saw another small harvest.  Carrots were pulled, and there's still another set of them in ground.  It's a good thing that carrots are frost friendly, so I can pick them at different times!  Bittergourds were all taken off, as the vines were frost bitten (:  I did save 5-6 seeds for next year.  Swiss chard is all chopped off, wonder if it will still regrow more leaves...

Tomatoes are still being picked when they turn a lighter color.  I'm battling for tomatoes with voles which are eating it green and another likely frost this weekend (:  I have no intention of covering it again.  So green tomatoes it is.  They do ripen well inside, so I guess it's ok.

Daphne's Dandelions hosts Harvest Mondays to show off harvests, so thank you Daphne for that!

Swiss chard
Tomatoes and bittergourds
Kohlrabi and carrots
Tomatoes (to be ripened indoors)
Tomatoes(above) spread out on a newspaper to help ripen them.


  1. How in the world do you grow such beautiful carrots? Mine always look terrible.


    1. Ha! I just wrote a comment about carrots on your blog! I don't know what I did right, maybe gave it enough spacing... I love the way the carrots are growing so well, this year! Touch wood. Usually they're tiny, but this year they were long and just so beautiful!

    2. Nice, I just saw that! Did you use raised beds or something? I give them enough space, but still they're all deformed. Do you know what variety you have, or where you got the seed?


    3. Yes, they're in raised beds just like in the previous years too! That is what is puzzling. It is even the same packet of seeds(leftover) from last year. I just buy whatever is available locally. I think there are 2 or 3 varieties available everywhere, can't remember the names. Ok, mine weren't deformed previously, they just didn't size up as well. I'm thinking maybe your soil is compacted, perhaps. Loosening the soil or even adding some peat moss might help. I can't think of anything else.

    4. That is weird. I wonder if the drought had something to do with it. Isn't it funny how you can do things the same every year, but have different results. Proves that Mother Nature always has the final say. :-)