Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Harvests - Sept 20, 2011

Technically, it's tuesday, but I'll go ahead and add my Harvest Mondays post, at Daphne's Dandelions.  We had an early Frost last week, and as a result, I picked off almost anything that was close to harvest.  This will be the last major harvest of the season.  There will be smaller harvests for another week or two, then I will be done with the garden work for the year. 

I had to pick so many things that were getting closer, but not really ready.  This also meant picking green chillies, as they hadn't matured to red color yet!  I couldn't use that much green chillies, but after freezing a good amount, they were given off to neighbors and friends.  Apples are yet to be picked.  But I also didn't get pictures of everything that was picked, as it was too tiring to cover up plants, pick off harvests, store them and also photograph them.  I did the best I could, and there are more pictures than usual....

Tomatoes and 1 zucchini(hidden)

4 Butternut squash(2lb 13 oz - over 4 lbs)  This one 4lb 4oz!

More tomatoes

okra, eaten apples(not by us :), cantelopes, red chillies

Part of kung pao chillies

Some more tomatoes

Bell peppers and beans

More peppers

Some apples and cucumber


Cayenne Peppers

Banana peppers

Monday, September 12, 2011

Harvest Monday - Sept 12, 2011

This week's harvests are mostly tomatoes and eggplants.  Cantelopes all ripened at once and came off the stem when touched!!  Apples are not yet harvested, but seem to be ready.  I guess I'm not yet ready to do anything with them as my cantelopes and plums were all ripening at the same time.  Tomatoes are piling up and I need to do something to make space.  So this week, will be preserving week!

Daphne's dandelions hosts Harvest Mondays every week to showcase harvests from around the world.  Here's my entry for the week....

The larger ones are Roma


Multi colored eggplants

Tomatoes and some apples

Beans, cucumbers and okra

Another cantelope

4 more Cantelopes

Yellow squash(chewed by something)

More tomatoes

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Harvest Monday - Sept 6th 2011

This blog is a day late for the Daphne's Harvest Monday Submission, due to the Labor Day weekend.  The past week has been wonderful for our garden harvests.  We have a couple firsts of the season - Rose Finn Fingerling potatoes were harvested, first okra was ready for picking, first harvest of Zestar Apples, the first ripe Sweet 'N Early Hybrid cantelope fell off its stem!!

Tomatoes are ripening almost daily :) Still picking beans and cukes.......We even had a couple nights where the temps dropped to 40s.  3 more blackberries were harvested and went right into our mouths :)

Zestar apples

Zucchini, 1 plum and tomatoes

Fenugreek(methi) leaves

Tomatoes, okra, plums, cukes

Bush beans, red chillies

Rose Finn - Fingerling potatoes