Monday, June 24, 2013

Garden Pictures Part 2

These pictures were taken about 2 weeks the first week of June.

Front yard pictures-

Peonies and Rose plant
These are all Aster(flower) plants underneath the crabapple tree
Side Corner of the house
Asiatic Lilly
Birth bath in the front garden
Now for my apple trees in the backyard...We have 3 apple trees and all three have set fruit this year.  So far I've bagged about 370!  I know because I went through packets of Ziploc bags.  Zestar! has set fruit for the first time, so pretty excited about it.  So far it has about 40 or so apples.  Rest are equally bagged between Honeycrisp and Sweet16.  Honeycrisp is one apple tree that sets overwhelming number of apples.  Maybe that's why it takes a break every other year!  I've tried to thin clusters of 4 or 5 to one, but each limb has so many clusters of fruits that I am not sure if there is a limit to clusters themselves.  Anyway, will see how the tree decides to thin its fruits.  Yes, the tree goes through its own thinning process and over the next month or so, I will see many ziplocs with the fruits in them on the ground. 
Bag with a small apple in it.
My apple trees

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