Friday, March 25, 2011

More seeds, More snow......and a Raised Bed

After all of my excitement last week, it snowed!  Woke up to find not 1-2 inch as predicted, but a good 4-5 inches of snow.  First thoughts went to the seeds I had already planted outside, in all my "spring has sprung" excitement.  Garlic got covered again in mulch, but nothing much could be done to the other seeds that were planted.  Keep my fingers crossed and hope that they will sprout, once the snow melts!  The back up plan is to seed them again.

Here's my backyard  - covered in snow..... again!

In the other news, I found this packet at Walmart today!  A red onion seed packet for $1!  I went online to read about it and found that this was a good variety to plant in our region.  So I promptly planted 144 seeds(2 each in 72 seed starting trays).  I think I was a bit late, planting on March 23, but these packets were not available, the last time I was there.  So I will see how they do this year!

I also bought 200 red onion bulbs and 10 garlic bulbs, each for $3.  I read about garlic bulbs and found out that they should be planted in fall rather than spring.  I will be returning the garlic bulbs back to walmart.  Not sure why they would sell them in spring rather than in the fall.  I couldn't find garlic bulbs anywhere last fall.  I finally bought one bulb from farmer's market.

I've also planted a whole bunch of other seeds, mostly different kinds of flowers - dahlia, zinnia, marigolds, red hot pokers, calendula, daisy, lupines, forget me not etc., a week ago.  I thought it was a bit early to start the flower seeds, but my son has been bugging me to plant his flower seeds and since I got my hands dirty, I figured, I might as well plant them all. 

They've started to sprout here and there.  I'm not sure I have the space for them in our yard, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it.  For now, I am happy that my seeds are sprouting!

Since we were snowed in, my dear hubby decided to assemble the raised bed in the basement from all the lumber we had purchased last month.  One raised bed is now ready to be transported to the outdoors!


  1. I too am worried about what I planted last week in my Spring Madness... I planted my onion sets and my peas... I hope they grow when all this cold weather is over with!!! I also don't get why the stores are selling garlic now, when they should sell it in the fall with the tulips... I love your raised bed! I can't wait to get goin on ours!

  2. thank u random gardener.I love your raised bed. I want one too i have been bugging my husband for the past couple of years.he wants to dug up the yard where sod is already laid weeds pop up in my veg garden all the time tried preen and other organic weed preventer but no success
    Your son is very cute and thanks for prompt reply
    happy gardening

  3. Tiny Gardener - I read your "Happy Pea Planting day" blog and seeded peas outside! lol! I guess we'll know when to plant them next year, depending on the results! I haven't planted onion bulbs since they weren't available until this week. I think raised bed will be good for my garden, it'll give me more space and keep everything organized.

    Anonymous - Thank you. I have read about the benefits of raised bed, so am very excited to have two raised bedsd this year(the other one will be assembled soon!) I usually remove the weeds with hand. However, a part of my garden is mulched with straw, so that helps to keep the weeds down as well.

  4. Wow, so much snow. Gulp! You got such a great deal on the garlic and onions. I grew onions last year but they didn't big for me at all. Wow, those raised beds are great! We are behind on making our other beds. Hopefully next week!

    PS, the strawberries we are growing are Everberry, they are supposed to produce berries all summer. We shall see, the plants have been in the beds for 1 year and so this is the first year that we get berries. :) I bought them from Gurneys and also Home Depot.

  5. Yes, this is one of coldest winters we've had. Seemingly endless winter! Things are better this week with temps in 50s. Snow has melted. If only the sun gets out.....

    I think we have everbearing strawberries too. This is the first year for them to bear fruits. Hopefully they'll be big and delicious:)