Saturday, April 9, 2011

Starting the Transplants..

Last two weeks, temps were in 40-50s and finally the snow has melted, but sun peeks out only every other day!  My seeds have sprouted - most of them anyway, and some seedlings were getting bigger and needed to get into larger containers. 
Butternut Squash - seed saved from grocery store squash!

Brandywine tomato plants

Transplant work in progress!

Work done so far.  There's plenty more to be transplanted in the coming week!

Since it is still cloudy and cold most of the days, haven't really bothered to go out and do much gardening.  Hopefully, will get started in a few days.  My dh has still to work on the other raised bed.  I'm hoping to get the compost and manure once both raised beds are in place.  I did manage to clean out dried twigs and leaves in the front yard garden.  Tulips are starting to come up.  Garlic is doing well.  I can see some spinach sprouts and mustard greens sprouting in the garden.  I will post more pics when you can actually see them in the pics!

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