Monday, August 8, 2011

Harvest Monday - Aug 8, 2011

This year has not been great for my vegetable garden.  Bell Peppers and Tomatoes are growing well and putting out green leaves, but the blossoms are not setting fruits.  Same time, last year, my counters were full of big juicy tomatoes, but this year, I picked one tiny tomato for the week!  I was actually able to count upto 6 tiny tomato on one 5' tall tomato plant when it should have been several dozens.  sigh!  It is really sad. 

Eggplants are putting out lots of fruits, but something is eating the fruits.  I found a couple of fairy tales nibbled on and there was one round variety eaten off with just the skin hanging.  The eggplant was about six inches off the ground and is surrounded by wire fencing, so something has to get through it and then be big enough to eat a 3 inch size eggplant.  If anyone has some ideas on this let me know.  I thought of moles/voles, but they couldn't eat such a big eggplant(could they?), the nibbling is done by them.  Raccoon?  I've never seen them around here.  What else could it be?  Bunnies couldn't get in through the fence.

This Harvest Monday belongs to red onions.  I pulled out all of my onions from the ground.  I had several hundred sets and also plants started from seeds.  They weren't as large as I'd hoped.  Most were medium sized.  Altogether, they weighed 23lbs.  The ones from seeds are quite small and was wondering if I could plant them as sets for next year.....

Zucchini(one plant is always growing yellow zucchini!  Is that weird?), cucumbers, 1 tomato, 1 beans and 2 sweet banana peppers.

Green beans, 2 red cayenne peppers, zucchini, 2 eggplants, cucumbers

Red onions

More red onions cleaned

Yellow zucchini, green zucchini, first red bell, one plum(fell off the tree)

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  1. I feel your pain on the peppers and tomoatos :( My 'mater count is ONE cherry.

  2. You may be slow on the tomatoes, but look at those onions!

  3. Shall we go into the corner and cry together? I'm getting a few more tomatoes,but still no squash and cucumbers.

    It looks like the zucchini crossed with a yellow crookneck squash.

  4. Allison - It is a bummer, isn't it? I'm only hiding the fact that I have close to 20 tomato plants(several varieties) and a dozen bell pepper plants...

    Barbie- Onions were ok, this year. I did plant a lot, so harvest was a bit of a let down. Onions were quite small overall, but they will be well used :)

    Granny - After seeing beautiful tomatoes on your counter, I guess I will retire alone to the corner! I'm not piling on either squash or cucumbers, they're coming in slowly every week, so get consumed quickly. But that is not such a bad thing. Tomatoes on the other hand have been a huge disappointment this year, so far!

    Hmmm, zucchini and yellow crookneck must have been crossed on some farm and the seeds were packaged. I have planted only green zucchini seeds in one corner of the yard. That is a good tip though. Never thought of it, had to double check and yes indeed, the yellowed zucchini is crooknecked!

  5. Too hot for tomatoes there? Too much nitrogen in the soil? Sorry to hear about the slow start. Not sure what is eating your eggplants. My cukes have been eeking along but I think I have the cucumber curse as it's been a couple years since I got a good load. Nice looking harvest regardless.

  6. Yes, you can regrow those onions you grew from seed that you harvested and found them to be small. I did it last year. I pulled them, dried them, stored them for a few weeks (b/c I'm forgetful and forgot I had them!) and then planted them in late August. I'm watching them closely as they are just now approaching the right size. (I'm zone 5b/6a in Michigan).

  7. My winter squash are just like your tomatoes. They wouldn't set during the heat. Finally they are starting to form. I'm hoping it isn't too late.

  8. Ottawa Gardener - I think you may have a point there. Maybe it is too much nitrogen. I did add a lot of cow manure into my garden. I never get a load of cukes. It's usually decent. So that works fine for me.

    Dorothy - Thanks for the advice. I will try to plant small onions next spring. I don't think I can plant it now, as the season is almost over.

    Daphne - If it was squash, I wouldn't worry too much. We don't use that much anyway, but tomatoes are a must! Hopefully, they'll catch up soon.