Monday, August 29, 2011

Saving the eggplants.....

Last week, I blogged about how something was eating my eggplants, even the newly set fruits were disappearing.  Each day, I saw eggplants eaten down to nothing and it was frustrating.  I would have shared, if it was once in a while, but whatever it was, it didn't feel the need to leave me any!!

I needed to protect them somehow.  I thought of all the ways to cover them, cloth, nylon etc., But they weren't feasible, because, I had atleast 20+ eggplants, and more on the way.  Finally I found the solution!!  Ziploc.  I cut out the two corners for drainage and covered the eggplants and since then haven't had a single eggplant eaten!!  Yay!  See the pics, to believe.......
Covering the eggplants

Filling up the gallon size ziploc!

Check it out!  Blemish free.....
11 inches!! 

I think the ziploc idea worked very well.  Inspite of hot weather and heavy rains, fruits were all nice and smooth.  I could now let them grow to their destined sizes, instead of picking them early to avoid being eaten by pests!!  Score!! 

Check out my Harvest Mondays for all the eggplants that I picked this week!


  1. Impressive! Who would have thought that zip locks would have worked. Great out of the box thinking RG!

  2. Thanks! Next year, I will be using these ziplocs from the get go and increase my harvest!!