Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Harvests - Sept 20, 2011

Technically, it's tuesday, but I'll go ahead and add my Harvest Mondays post, at Daphne's Dandelions.  We had an early Frost last week, and as a result, I picked off almost anything that was close to harvest.  This will be the last major harvest of the season.  There will be smaller harvests for another week or two, then I will be done with the garden work for the year. 

I had to pick so many things that were getting closer, but not really ready.  This also meant picking green chillies, as they hadn't matured to red color yet!  I couldn't use that much green chillies, but after freezing a good amount, they were given off to neighbors and friends.  Apples are yet to be picked.  But I also didn't get pictures of everything that was picked, as it was too tiring to cover up plants, pick off harvests, store them and also photograph them.  I did the best I could, and there are more pictures than usual....

Tomatoes and 1 zucchini(hidden)

4 Butternut squash(2lb 13 oz - over 4 lbs)  This one 4lb 4oz!

More tomatoes

okra, eaten apples(not by us :), cantelopes, red chillies

Part of kung pao chillies

Some more tomatoes

Bell peppers and beans

More peppers

Some apples and cucumber


Cayenne Peppers

Banana peppers


  1. Wow! That is a lot of peppers! How many eggplants dis you plant out? I'm still trying to figure out how many I need. Maybe next year i will get it right.

  2. I have to agree that is a lot of peppers! great harvest!

  3. wow they are lot of green peppers. How do you pickle green chillis?

  4. Nartaya - I had a dozen plants this year! I was hoping for red chillies, but got a ton of green ones instead!

    Mrs.Pickles - Thanks! I did not post additional pics of peppers, they were a lot indeed.

    sarada - I use green peppers in cooking. I have never pickled them.

  5. Will the peppers not turn red if you left them on the plants longer?

  6. Wow! I can see why you're tired! That's a great harvest! But the butternut squash is fantastic!

  7. Norma chang- It will turn red, but undortunately we had an early frost and so I picked them off.

    Veggie Pak - Thanks! I'm very happy with butternut squash, although I had 5 plants and there should have been more :)