Monday, September 12, 2011

Harvest Monday - Sept 12, 2011

This week's harvests are mostly tomatoes and eggplants.  Cantelopes all ripened at once and came off the stem when touched!!  Apples are not yet harvested, but seem to be ready.  I guess I'm not yet ready to do anything with them as my cantelopes and plums were all ripening at the same time.  Tomatoes are piling up and I need to do something to make space.  So this week, will be preserving week!

Daphne's dandelions hosts Harvest Mondays every week to showcase harvests from around the world.  Here's my entry for the week....

The larger ones are Roma


Multi colored eggplants

Tomatoes and some apples

Beans, cucumbers and okra

Another cantelope

4 more Cantelopes

Yellow squash(chewed by something)

More tomatoes


  1. Nice harvest! Looks like you have a lot of preserving ahead of you :)

  2. Great Harvest. Melons are lovely

  3. Wonderful harvest :)

    You certainly got a lot of melons there - lots of fruit salad I see!

  4. I used to grow melons when I lived in sunny warm central Washington state - and they always did that to me... a huge flush of ripe fruit all at one time. Rather overwhelming!

    Great harvest this week. :D