Thursday, May 24, 2012

Garden Update 5/24/12

So far I've seeded carrots, beets, white radishes, peas, potatoes, onions(lots of it) and chard.  There are seedlings growing everywhere.  Indoor seeded plants are growing big and will be transplanted this weekend, hopefully clearing out our family room. The good part is that I have enough tomato plants for this year, growing well.  Peppers and eggplants, I would/should have seeded more....  Melons are doing good so far, the real test will be when they're planted outside.  Last year, half of the transplants died either due to manure or compost burn.....[sigh]  I had compost in beds and added cow manure to that. 

1. Spinach, Red sails lettuce, Aragula, Radishes seeded early spring never made it...could it be compost or was it the weather....not sure. 
2. I've had some plants die after transplanting, as I used full compost and it must have burned the new seedlings....[sigh] 
3. Some seedling plants are getting their leaves chewed all the way and I am not able to see anything under the leaves- if anyone knows please let me know.  These are still inside the house, waiting for better weather, to be transplanted.

This is bell pepper plant chewed on(by something!)

See the entire leaf chewed to the bone, another one half eaten!
Holes in the eggplant leaves
Half eaten eggplant leaf

All of zinnias and few pepper/eggplant plants died.  Both Bittergourd plants made it(top right)!

Tomatoes, pepper
Melons, tomatoes, peppers
Tomatoes, peppers
Peppers, eggplants
Garlic plants on the edge, peas, yukon gold potatoes in container, onions planted
Onions planted in the two beds, fingerling potatoes in containers


  1. lovely looking plants sorry to hear something is getting to them~!~

  2. Thanks Mrs.Pickles! Hope you're doing well!

  3. Those plants look lovely. I wonder what sort of bug may be eating them. Maybe you can try raising the boxes into a higher area, so that they can’t easily be reached by bugs and avoid them getting eaten. It's also nice because the plants can really grow healthier and fuller without bug infestations. :)
    Darrell Gardner @ LivingColourGardens