Saturday, May 5, 2012

My little seedlings!

I first seeded(indoors) on March 17th this year.  After about 20 days, reseeded cells that did not have any signs of germination and continued on ....  I hope I get enough veggies/flower plants germinated by May 15th.  I have set a limit of 15 tomato plants, I think I will end up with 17.   

As the plants grow, I transplant them into bigger containers(plastic cups).  I now have plants in different stages of growth.  Some are yet to germinate, while some look ready to be transplanted outside.  Hot weather loving plants (peppers, eggplants, tomatoes) will not be planted until last week of May.  Others like onions will need to be planted outside this week.  I have the usual plants this year - tomatoes, bell peppers, chilli peppers, onions, marigolds, zinnia, dahlia, eggplants etc.,  This is how they look - this week.....

Melons, marigolds
Eggplants, Peppers
Dahli and a lone bittergourd(right)
Red Onions

Brusell sprouts, Watermelon
Peppers and Eggplants



  1. Everything looks healthy. My tomatoes didn't do well this year from seed. I may have 8 that I can plant out of 15. I need to work on my skills. I use the plastic cups too. Worked much better than the pots I had on hand. Finally left them out overnight, so hopefully I will get everything into the garden in the next few weeks.

    1. I planted tomatoes early. I think planting them 1st week of April should work better than on March 17th. They're getting big and have some yellow leaves. It usually does better once planted into the ground, but still couple weeks to go!

  2. Your plants look great. I lost many of my tomato plants this year, I only ended up with 8 instead of the 16 I was hoping for. I'm going to try starting marigolds inside next year.