Monday, October 7, 2013

Harvest Monday - 10/7/2013

I am posting two weeks worth of harvest in this post.  I just didn't get around to posting last week.  Since I don't have as much photos to share, should be alright posting them all in one post :) 

We are at the tail end of our harvests for this year.  Usually frost comes around the week of Sept 22, but not this year.  I 'm still waiting for news on the first freeze as that is the time when I go through  left over harvests and pick the garden clean.  This year, all my tomatoes are almost done ripening and so too with other vegetables.  I am totally satisfied with all the harvests and will not be scrambling to cover anything from the first freeze, like I usually do.  For a change, I am ready to let the garden go this year...

From 9/24 to 9/30 -

Tomatoes and apples
One of my heirloom Brandywine set exactly 8 total fruits, with exceptional sizes!
(One more is still to change color)
Partly infected Sweet 16 and Honeycrisp apples
Sweet 16 apples
Honeycrisp apples
Red bell, cukes, long beans, snakegourds, tomatoes
From 10/1 - 10/7 -
Carrots, beets, red bell, long beans
Watermelons and cantelopes
First of the peanut plant
Bell pepper, basil, parsley
Mint, basil, parsley
For all other harvests visit Daphne's Dandelions this week.


  1. I dream of the day that I'll get apples like that. I so love apples.