Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Harvest Monday - 9/14/2010

Oops!  Technically, it's tuesday today, but I've been real busy yesterday, so better late than never.......  Garden is cooling down as is the weather.  Pepper plants are going strong with dark green leaves, but everything else is on it's way out.  I've still not ripped them out, but that is going to change soon....  Here's the pics of the harvest for the past week.  Please visit Daphne's Dandelions for other postings of harvests.

Wednesday - chili peppers, beans, long beans

Wednesday - Tomatoes, okra, raspberries, red bell peppers

Wednesday - Last of the Radish pods

Wednesday - Mint

Thursday - Swiss chard

Thursday - French Breakfast radishes

Friday - Raspberries, tomatoes, chili peppers, beans

Sunday - Tomatoes, green beans, long beans, banana peppers, chili peppers


  1. I love the tiny okra and the handful of raspberries! What are you going to end up doing with the mint you harvested?

  2. That is a nice batch of pretty harvests. I can't wait until my radishes start to mature.

  3. Prairie Cat - Mint is used to make chutney. It is very flavorful, a key ingredient in certain Indian dishes.

    Daphne- Thank you. Radishes are all ready for harvesting, but I've been busy and harvesting them in batches!

  4. Do you grow mint in containers or in your garden? After my experience with oregano growing out of control in the garden, I'm weary of any perennial herbs that will spread. From what I've heard, mint is the worst offender!

    Your harvest looks great for this time of the year.

  5. thyme2garden - You're right. Mint will not only get out of control, it's a very hardy perennial. I have it in a container!