Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Harvest Monday (or Tuesday, in my case) 9/21/10

I haven't been able to post on time lately.  So Harvest Mondays hosted by Daphne's Dandelions are increasingly turning into Harvest Tuesdays for me!  Garden this week, is just a continuation of downhill in harvests.  I did harvest all my apples, which totaled 11 for the season.  They were earlier than usual since Sweet Sixteen apples are usually ready in Oct.  Last of the eggplants were harvested.  Possibly long beans too.  Peppers continue to amaze me.  Plants are dark green and don't show any signs of Autumn yet!  There's probably only 1 more week left before the first hard frost hits.  I'm trying to harvest as much of green chillies as possible.  Earlier in the season, I was letting it mature to red, but that won't happen anymore.  I still have a few tomatoes, a few watermelons, few green bell peppers, maybe squash, beets and beans.  I won't be able to cover them all from frost, so it's a sad goodbye.  Here's the pics for the week.

Sugar Baby melon, sweet 16 apple and raspberries

Red bell pepper, okra, tomatoes, chili peppers

Swiss chard

Cucumbedrs, okar, green beans, tomatoes


Eggplant, green beans, chili peppers

Sweet 16 apples

Eggplant, green chilies

Sweet banana peppers, chili, tomato, beans


  1. Nice harvests. I can't wait until I have my own apples.

  2. VERY nice variety!!! I LOVE the melon in the top photo, and am so glad you can partake now ;)