Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Garden April

I haven't really planted much outdoors in April.  Weather has been rather cold and we've just had a few days in 50's.  Most of the starter seeds have grown into seedlings awaiting their turn to bask in the sun.  I've also noticed white flies around the leaves of butternut squash on both sides and ofcourse they've also moved onto tomatoes, melons and most other veggies.  After researching online, I sprayed them with a mix of rubbing alcohol and water.  Seems like the white flies number has substantially decreased, but they are still visible on some leaves.  I'll just watch and squirt them every now and then. 

Tiny spinach, mustard greens and peas, dominated by grass(:

Garlic planted last fall

Peas planted during St.Patrick's day. Part of it hasn't germinated.

Chives - regular and garlic

Front yard

Tulips - partially eaten by bunnies

Eggplant seedlings
Cabbage seedlings
Marigolds and dahlias

Tomato seedlings
Butternut Squash seedlings

Sweet 'n early cantelope and Sugar baby watermelon seedlings 



  1. Your plants look pretty healthy despite the weather! You're also heading into spring too :)

  2. Thanks! We still have a month to go before setting tomatoes and peppers in the garden, so keeping my fingers crossed....

  3. Your seedlings are looking good!!

  4. Thank you! Last year the seedlings were sturdy, this year not so much... Hopefully, it will perk up once the weather warms up(if it does)!

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  6. Wow! Seedlings look awesome. Good luck!

  7. Your seedlings look quite healthy. I'm planning to put my garden out this week. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate. It's been a rainy 2 months in WV.

  8. Mahes - Thank you! Will be planting most of them this memorial day weekend.

    rmgales - Some of the peppers are in good shape, but tomatoes are tall and lanky. Hopefully, they'll grow strong once planted outside.