Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Purple Asparagus and Potato planting....load of cow manure and another finished raised bed!

Ok, I'm posting this atleast two weeks after the actual process.  That being said, I love reading everyone else's blogs and don't get around to writing my own.  However, I'd like to document what I've done and so this is an attempt to keep track of my own work.

I saw this packet of Purple Asparagus and had to buy it.  My last attempt at growing purple colored ones failed miserably(none sprouted!)  But I do have atleast 15 of the green ones ranging from 3yr olds to 1 year olds(Ofcourse, they were 2yr old roots to begin with).   I didn't have much space, but attempted to get all of them into the ground.  Here's how I planted them.  Dug a hole about a feet deep, spread some asparagus fertilizer and mixed in the soil, placed the root and covered it with 6 inches of soil.  Watered well.  Once it sprouts, I will add another 1-2 inches of soil and then gradually keep adding soil until the hole is covered. 

The next thing that was planted in the third week of April was Yukon Gold potatoes.  I grew them last year and used up half of it.  The other half was still in the basement and to my surprise started sprouting this spring, so I decided to use it for this year's planting.  I planted them whole, in a plastic container with 2-3 inches of soil and will keep adding more dirt as they continue to grow.  The potato stem should not be exposed to sun and potatoes actually grow out of the stems which is covered in dirt.  So longer the stem, greater the harvest.

This year, I got a trailer full of well composted cow manure from a local farm for my garden.  I'd like to see if they make a difference in the harvest.  Usually, I get leaf and twig compost from the local recycling place, but wanted to try something different this year.  Since we've had cold and wet weather, shoveling the manure was not an easy task.  It was a slow process and took a few hours for me to get it into all my beds. 

Speaking of beds, the second of the raised bed was finished last week and both of them are now set up in the garden.  I still need to get more soil to fill up the beds, which I am aiming to finish by this weekend.  Weather is now in low 60s and night time temps around 40s.  Maybe a good week to get plants into the garden........


  1. Does the farm you got the manure from deliver and would you mind sharing where you got it from?

    I'm planning on getting some dirt this weekend.

    You can email me at stuporglue@gmail.com if you don't want to share it here for some reason.

  2. I love your raised beds! Getting those things built is such an accomplishment, and congrats on ordering dirt. I still have to do that... I hope your asparagus grow! How awesome would that be to have purple ones?! I didn't even know those existed!

  3. Michael - I've emailed you the info. Hope that helps!

    Tiny Gardener - It would indeed be awesome to get some purple asparagus. I've read that they turn green when cooked, though!

  4. Your post is reminding me that I need to start looking harder at the local garden centers to see if they sell any asparagus crowns. I really would like to be able to grow some fresh asparagus at home! Your new raised bed looks great!

  5. I've never grown asparagus before. Very cool! I hope this batch does well for you! The beds look good! How fun!

  6. thyme2garden - I got asparagus crowns at Walmart! Thanks!

    Holly - Thanks! Asparagus is really easy to grow, plant it and you're done! They continue to put out crowns for about 15 years! (So I've read:)

  7. You are so ahead of me. I still haven't ordered soil!!! I did get some asparagus planted up as well, and can't wait to harvest next year. Your raised looks beautiful =)

  8. Thanks Nartaya! Good luck with your asparagus, they're a wonderful crop to harvest!