Friday, June 17, 2011

Strawberry Patch

I have a small rectangular area for strawberries.  It started with a few plants but the runners have taken over during the last year and created the garden as it is today.  This will be the first year to actually harvest some berries.  The plants started flowering late May and now I see lots of tiny berries.  After reading about bugs, slugs and birds taking their pick of strawberries, I had this unique idea....

Looks kind of silly, but as long we get ripe, sweet, juicy berries(without a scratch - is that too much to ask?), it might be worth it. I fenced around the area with galvanized wire mesh to prevent the bunnies and deer and on the top I used a nylon mesh held together by clothes pin, to prevent the birds from picking at the berries. 

Today, I found 5-6 red berries, but they still have a small green area that needs to turn red(am I pushing my luck?) before I pluck it.  I think the sweet berries are ones that are deep red all around.  I'm hoping the above fencing arrangement will keep the berries safe, but until I've harvested them, I can't really be sure. 

A look at the red berry!

A top view of the patch.

The berries are quite small in size.  I'm not sure if it is the variety of berries or if they needed to be fertilized(I haven't done anything to them, other than watering occasionally) to turn into larger size.  

I'll be glad to have sweet berries - any size!  It might be another couple days, before we pick them. 


  1. Beautiful! Who cares how silly it looks if it works?! I have noticed that homegrown berries are significantly smaller in size than those berries on steroids we commonly find at the supermarket. No matter the size, I am sure they will be delicious!

  2. Our berries are definitely smaller than grocery store ones, but the boys swarm them. I might have to make pest deterents toddler proof! Cute berries =)

  3. Tiny Gardener - Thanks! Will pick them tomorrow:)

    Nartaya - Good thing, our kids can't reach over the fence :)