Friday, June 10, 2011

Vegetable Garden as of June 10, 2011

I planted all the indoor seedlings out into their beds over the Memorial day weekend.  Since then, we have had temps ranging from 105F to 66F(just this week alone!).  One of the tomato plant died, I have no idea why, whereas all the other plants seem to be doing fine.  A few of the tomato plants are bearing tomatoes(they were flowering, while sitting inside, waiting for the weather to warm up)  Seeds sowed directly outside - cucumbers, zucchini, yard long beans, okra, yellow squash, brussel sprouts have all germinated.  With the crazy spring weather we've had, my yard is growing fine so far, hopefully we'll have a good harvest season. 

Yukon Gold & Rose Finn Potatoes

Bush beans(with weeds- eek!)

Bush beans flowering!

Tomato and Peppers planted

Tomato Plants in open bottomed pots

Tiny tomato!

Peppers, Melons

Red Onions, Orange Beets(right)

Peas blooming

Red Onions from seeds
Squash and Onions(right)




Methi leaves


Purple Asparagus(planted roots in spring)

Brussel sprouts

Overwintered Carrots


  1. Nice! Your garden seemd to be thriving well. CA weather is crazy, not much heat going on in the past few weeks. Our temps will hit 80F only middle of next week. Good luck!

  2. Wow! Your garden looks great! It's way ahead of mine!

  3. Mahes -Thanks! We've had crazy weather in MN. Never sure what the weather's going to like in next few days:)

    ...and she lived - Thanks! We have a short summer here in zone 4.