Monday, June 6, 2011

Harvest for week of June 6, 2011

This week the temps have really picked up and you can feel the heat.  Also, the week our A/c was on for the first time.  Over the memorial day weekend ALL plants were planted outside.  Will do another blog about that another time.  Tomatoes are already flowering(they flowered while still inside the house).  Cucumbers and Asparagus beans(not to be confused with Asparagus) already germinated.  Peonies are budding and fruit trees have tiny fruits on them! 

For the weekly harvests, mustard greens were all picked out as they were bolting.  I will be pulling out spinach today, will count that towards next week's harvest.  Radishes are bolting too, will pick them also.  Asparagus seems to still put out a few spears here and there.  Lettuce is looking good.  If you wonder why there are just a couple radishes or handful of cilantro in the list, that's because I like to pick them fresh just before using them in the dish.  Please check Daphne's Harvest Mondays for this week's harvests in different parts of the world!

Handful of cilantro for garnish

Asparagus harvest#1

A couple of red onions and garlic leaves pulled up for a stir fry

Asparagus harvest #2

Last batch of mustard greens

Ready for a salad - Mixed lettuce greens with radishes


  1. I do the smae. Most of the time I don't even count those in my harvest tallies. Looks great!

  2. Those asparagus look good.
    I'm wondering is there enough heat in the summer to grow melons in your area, or the summer is too short for them?

  3. Looks like a great harvest. I'm looking forward to asparagus, but we have to wait another year.

  4. The asparagus looks very good!

  5. Allison - Thanks!

    Barbie - Later in the year, when too many veggies are harvested, little harvests will not be counted, as they are now! Early spring harvests are usually so special:)

    Mac - Thanks! I've grown sugar baby watermelons last year, they did fine. If the seeds are started indoors, they'll ripen before the fall.

    Emily - This is the first year for us with Asparagus harvests that are quite nice!

    Shawn Ann - Thanks!

  6. What a nice harvest. I'm hoping next year I can get a few spears of asparagus. We will see. The new crowns are growing so slowly.

  7. Thanks Daphne! It can't be compared your harvests, though!

  8. Okay, I'm jealous! My new garden beds weren't built in time for me to plant these things this year. Hopefully some day my asparagus will be that awesome!