Thursday, August 16, 2012

Garden Update - Part 3

This is last post to the garden updates!  Garden #1 has 4 raised beds.  Three of them built this spring, the last one is new one, for Fall garlic to be planted.  This was the garden ravaged by deer last year.  I finally had to get a  7' tall fence with deer netting to keep the deer out.  That worked beautifully.  You can barely see the fencing, but believe me the top of the white PVCs hold the top of deer fencing and all 3 raised beds are covered by netting!  It is a pain to get in and out of the netting, for me, but anything to keep the deer out of the garden.

I also find that with the raised beds, I have more space than having just one big piece of plot.  I have so many things planted in them. 
From left to right -
Bed #1 - Empty. Garlic to be planted. 
Bed #2 - Okra, Eggplants, bush beans, 2 tomato plants, chili peppers, banana peppers, bell peppers
Bed #3- Kale, Swiss chard, bush beans, carrots.
Bed #4 - Peas, orange beets, Red sails letuce, fenugreek leaves, radishes, turnips, cilantro.
The two pots (kept on the edges of raised bed) hold fenugreek seeds (planted).  Earlier the pots were on the ground with a tray underneath, but I found a snake hiding. So I had to keep the pots from touching ground.

View from the deck - Garden #1


Garden #2 - Mostly tomatoes. Also Long beans on verical trellis.

Blackberry plants - the one in far corner has netting to cover berries.

Two Plum trees - Lost blossoms to frost this year.

Bitter Melon - 2 plants.  Blossoms, no fruit yet!


  1. What do you cook with your bittermelons? I do a soup and a stir fry but always like learning new recipes. Do you also eat the leaves? I love how much space you have to plant and grow!

    1. Mostly deep fry the slices :) No, we do not eat leaves of bittermelon. Do you? Yes, we do have a lot of space, but space for garden is not easy to have. Hubby loves lawn so I started small and took me several years to build up to these spaces:)

    2. Hmmmm, deep fried slices. Any special sauce with it? We eat the leaves with spicy papaya salad (som tom) or with minced meat salad (laarb). It adds a nice bite to the salads.

    3. No sauce. Wash, cut into thin round slices + chilli powder+ salt. Toss together and then dip in rice flour and deep fry till crispy.

  2. I'm glad I happened upon your blog! I love the raised bed technique too.