Saturday, August 4, 2012

This is how the garden grows...

While we were on vacation for over 5 weeks, the garden was on its own with a timed sprinkler system for watering.  I had seeded, planted and fenced the garden before leaving.

Most of the plants survived!  Seeds germinated into plants, tomato plants were blooming and I could see a couple of small tomatoes, bean plants suffered from heat with yellow leaves and didn't grow much, fenugreek plants browned, peas were also beyond their harvesting and I collected some dried peas for replanting, chinese long beans were starting to put out tiny beans and blooming as well, peppers were growing. A couple of pepper plants did not make it, but overall I was happy with the way the garden grew in my absence. 
Eggplants and pepper and onions

Swiss chard, pepper plant(in front) and grass growing everywhere.

Melon plants and weeds

Radish plants going to seed.
Cukes and Asparagus beans eaten (eaten by deer from the outside)

Bush beans, weeds and okra

Peppers, eggplants, onions and tomatoes

More tomato plants.

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