Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Harvest Monday - Sept 10, 2012

I'm posting this a day later, as I've been busy yesterday and didn't get around to uploading everything!  This week, eggplants came in and so did tomatoes(finally!).  The moles/voles located my beets and proceeded to uproot the plants and eat the small beets(sigh...), so I spent sometime readjusting my fence and so far there are no more uprootings.

The cooler nights are making the plants slowly turn to yellow and fade away.  The signs are prominent on zucchini(powdery mildew), cukes(both), melon plants are browning and so too tomatoes and long beans.  The rest on the plants are on their way out and it won't be long before everything starts dying off.  The first frost here is around Sept 22nd.   Until then, these are the harvests for the week.  Thanks to Daphne for hosting the Harvest Mondays!

Fenugreek leaves
Bittergourds, banana peppers, long beans, eggplants
Beet leaves
Golden beets (some of them half eaten by voles)
Long beans, tomaotes, cuke
Swiss Chard
Tomato, cukes
Bush beans, turnips, tomato, cukes, okra
Long beans, tomatoes, orange bell, cukes, sage, thyme, red chillies


  1. Your long beans and eggplant picture is so pretty! Cucumbers, beets, greens and tomatoes will make a very nice tasty dinner :)

  2. Sorry to hear about the voles. The rest of your harvest looks lovely though!

  3. So sorry to hear about your beets. I DESPISE those mole/vole critters! Granted, this year I didn't get hit hard by them but only because I took defensive measures. They're still around though (probably waiting until I drop my guard) as I have seen new tunnel holes in the ground.

    September 22 frost date...I count my blessings that ours is later although we do still have a short growing season. If you can grow bittermelon than I should be able to as well. Love all of those eggplants!

    1. I've got about 8 bittermelons altogether on my 2 plants! I'm saving one for seeds for next year. Germinating the seeds are the hard part(: But if you can, you should be harvesting several bittermelons in your garden!

  4. well it still looks like you had a nice harvest! I'm still battling rats and chipmunks as well as full sized squirrels.... hoping they do not get into the winter squash before it is ready to pick!

    1. Do they get into the fencing? or do you have an open garden? I have fencing all around my (several) gardens, so most of the pests are kept out, but some like voles do get in as they're tiny!