Sunday, September 16, 2012

Harvest Monday - Sept 17, 2012

This maybe the last major harvest for this year!  On the possiblity of a light frost today evening, I harvested as much as possible yesterday morning.  I found the watermelons were off the vine, not because they were ripe but because the vines started dying off, maybe because of cool nights(?)  I have no idea.  I cut open one on the demand of my younger child, but the inside hadn't yet turned a darker color yet, but it was consumed as a juice.  I was told it was delicious, nevertheless. 

I feel a little sad that this year's harvests of chili peppers and tomatoes are maybe half of what I had last year.  I was on vacation for the main part of their growth, so that might be a reason.  Anyways, something is better than nothing :)  I hope to do better next year!  I am very happy with the bittergourd plants.  I grew 2 plants out of maybe 20+ seeds, but they were saved from gourds we got from grocery store.  From those two plants, so far we've gotten 7 gourds!!  There are few more tiny ones, but they may not make it if there is a frost.  There are still a couple more melons that have to ripen. Most of the plants are starting to yellow and slow down on production.  This week is predicted to be about 20 degrees cooler! 

Thanks to Daphne for hosting the Harvest Mondays!  There are too many pictures this week, so my apologies in advance. 

Bush beans
Kohlrabi, tomatoes, okra, cukes, chili peppers
Watermelon, ripe jalapenos, chili peppers
White radishes
Tomatoes, bush beans, long beans, cuke
Radish greens
Fenugreek leaves
Garden produce!
Kung Pao peppers
Cayenne Pepppers
Bell Peppers
Long beans, red chillies
Eggplant, bittergourds, watermelons, banana peppers, zucchini, cuke, kohlrabi


  1. I love the harvest picture where you have all the bags and bowls. I wish I could get that much from my garden in one week. It's a goal to aim for. Great harvest this week. :)

    1. Yes, sometimes and I mean sometimes, I run out of containers to collect all the harvests :)

  2. Wow, thats a great harvest! I am quite envious of Your eggplants, my plants are really tall and have been flowering all summer, but still no single fruit yet! Sad! Have a nice week! :) Mia

  3. Although it might be your last harvest (same here), you sure have quite a bit coming out of your garden! Like that you have 2 types of kohlrabi. Our temps are gradually going down but I'll hold off on picking the peppers until I know a frost is coming.

  4. WOW! that's a huge harvest with all those colorful greens, peppers and eggplants.

    ps. any chance of deactivating that word verification?

  5. Great harvest! Hope the frost holds off a little longer for you.

  6. Wow you had a lot of harvesting to do. I have had watermelons like that, and my kids gobbled them down just the same so it wasn't a waste!

  7. Glad to see someone else growing bittergourd. Yours look like the Indian variety, am I correct?

  8. Hello
    Do you freeze your veggies for winter?