Monday, August 19, 2013

Harvest Monday - August 19, 2013.

This week was more of the same harvests - tomatoes, long beans, peppers etc.,  The only new addition would be the eggplants that got harvested.  Finally the plants are starting to put out some tiny eggplants and couple of them were large enough to be harvested for a dish!

To check out everyone else's harvests visit Daphne's Dandelions!

One of the larger onions
Harvest basket!
Inside the basket...
Turnip and greens
Kohlrabi, tomato, red bell, kale
Tomato and green beans
Zucchini and Allstar strawberry(very sweet!)
Dried (seeds for next year) and fresh long beans
Harvest basket!  Check inside...
Floating chillies :) beans and tomatoes
Beet greens
Beets, cukes and a fallen apple
Long purple on the left, fairy tales in the middle, Ichiban on the left
Banana peppers, tomatoes


  1. Beautiful harvests. I love all the beans. I keep hoping my produce a bit more this year. They have been very slow.

  2. I love the eggplants. Mine have really not done well this year. I only have harvested 2 very small ones this year.

    Great harvest.

  3. Very nice harvest, especially for your eggplants! :-)