Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Harvest Monday(er.Tuesday) - Aug 27, 2013

I haven't been able to post this on Monday, because I was busy harvesting goodies in the garden and processing/cooking them. 

This week saw many "Firsts" of harvests.  First Snakegourd of the season was ready!!  It was almost 16 inches long.  There are still around a dozen more that are likely to be harvested before the first frost.  Yipeee!  Another first is our Zestar! apple tree set fruits this year and it is a relatively new apple variety (and a parent of Sweet Tango).  They are supposed to be harvested late August, but due to our colder than normal spring, the apples are inching towards being ready for harvest.  In the meantime, the tree shed about 5 large apples and we were delighted to taste them :)  They were not fully sweet, but 'eatable' nevertheless.  Should be ready in another week or so...Next up was a head of broccoli.  Lastly all but one of the plums were ready to be harvested.  A total of 12 plums!!

For all other harvests visit Daphne's this week!

Snakegourd, broccoli and a tomato
Fallen from tree - Zestar!
Alderman Plums, tomatoes, and broccoli
Green chillies and cucumbers
Zucchini and yellow crookneck
Fenugreek leaves
More fenugreek leaves, chopped and ready to be frozen
Harvest Baskets
Here's what's inside the basket....


  1. Beautiful harvests. I picked the apples from my apple tree today. I never really know when they are ready. Being a green apple they turn a bit yellow, but they too are an August apple.

    1. Ha, ha, I just keep picking the fallen apples, up until majority have fallen, then I figure that the apples are to be harvested. Since they're covered, they'll be just fine.