Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Entry! Yay!

I'm very excited to start my garden blog today.  There will be so much to share online -  my garden produce, what I harvest and how it gets consumed(or not)!!

For my first entry, I'd like to just add a few pics of the harvest so far.  I guess I should have started this blog earlier as I have lots of pics to share from my garden this year.

French Breakfast radishes in spring.

Spinach leaves in spring

Peas harvested in early July

Peas shelled

Yukon Gold potatoes - Part 1 on July 23

Red Onions - Part 1 on July 26

On July 30

On Aug 1

Yukon Gold Potatoes - Part 2 on Aug 1


  1. Garden is beautiful.. Amazed to see kind of veggies you have been growing.Veggies look delicious.

    You seem to have everything in the garden for a nice meal..How abt cooking something nice and inviting me for dinner :)

  2. Thank you! You are most welcome to come over!!

  3. loved ur garden and also variety of chillies guess only the chicken is missing :) so waiting for the poultry blog :)

  4. Yes, I have 3 varieties of chillies this year. But several plants of each variety!! So I'm letting most of them turn red and then dry them. I can't possibly use so many green chillies, no matter how much I cook!

  5. What a great first post with lots of harvest pics! Are those yellow peppers banana peppers?

  6. Yes, they're sweet banana peppers! I've been frying them so far. I think they'd taste great - stuffed and baked too.