Monday, August 16, 2010

Lot of harvest to show off this week!

I had a wonderful week picking so much veggies - I've been busy trying to use them up in recipes!  I will be linking to Daphne's Harvest Mondays where you can see what garden produce, others in the gardening community have been busy with, this week.

On Tuesday -Tomatoes, okra, sweet banana peppers, chilli peppers, cucumbers, 1 yardlong bean.

Tuesday - Swiss Chard

Wednesday - first pick of the season- carrots!!

Wednesday - tomatoes, chillies, cucumbers

Thursday - Red bell peppers, Asparagus, green beans, zucchini, okra, yard long beans, tomatoes, chilli peppers.

                                            Friday - Cucumbers and tomatoes.

Friday -Yellow Squash, Red bell peppers, chilli peppers, beans

Friday - Swiss Chard

Saturday - tomatoes, okra, beans, chilli peppers, cucumber.

Saturday -Green beans and Yard long beans

Saturday evening - found more tomatoes and chilli peppers.

Sunday - Asparagus and tomatoes

Sunday - Red Bell pepper, cucumbers and a bean!

Sunday -Radish Pods.

Radish Pods grow when the mature Radish plant goes to flower and then turn to pods.  My white Radishes were too mature to harvest and I let them go to pod.  I found an interesting recipe for the pods at Aayis Recipes.  A few pictures of my Radish plants -


  1. I have to try growing yard long beans next year! They are awesome!

  2. Looks like you are getting a good steady harvest!! Makes for good things in the kitchen!

  3. meemsync - Yard long beans are easy to grow. They need a trellis though. You can find the seeds at any outlet that sells seeds.

    debiclegg- We are certainly fortunate to have a good range of produce this summer. I enjoy going out every day(sometimes twice :-)) to check on what's maturing! Searching for recipes to use them - that's another thing altogether :-) !!

  4. I've had exactly one radish pod in my life. It tasted just like a radish to me. I ought to let them go to seed and harvest them. I think they would be very tasty in stirfries. Your harvest looks great.

  5. Nice looking harvest you've gotten this week. I love the yard long beans do they taste as good as regular sized beans?

  6. Radish pods?! I've never heard of them, but I'm fascinated. They look very similar to pea or bean pods. Do you eat the whole pods, or just the seeds inside the pods? What do the seeds look like? The rest of your harvest looks great!

  7. Daphne - You're right that the radish pod tastes good in stir fries. This is my first year with the pods as well :-)

    chars gardening - Yard long beans have a milder taste compared to regular beans. They're used in stir fries and soups. They cook very fast and can also be eaten raw.

    thyme2garden - We eat the whole pod. You can trim both ends and use them in sauteed dishes.

  8. Nice to see a full week's compliment of harvesting. There was a definite predominance of yellow.

  9. Harvesting is the fun part of gardening!