Monday, August 30, 2010

Harvest Monday - 8/30/2010

I had a good harvest this week as well.  Things are starting to wind down in the garden, though.  Cucumber has powdery mildew and is almost at the last stages.  Lower parts of tomato plants are brown and the top is turning yellow.  Okra has started to produce now! Beans is still going strong, although the plants don't look as green as they should.   Yard long bean plants are yellowing as well.  Just a matter of few weeks, before the garden comes to an end.  It's sad to feel the end of summer, although I will have more time for everything else.  Please visit Daphne's Dandelions to see how everyone else's garden is doing.

Monday - Green Beans

Monday - Tomatoes and green bell pepper

Monday - Chili peppers, cucumbers, okra, banana peppers

Monday - Radish pods, yellow squash

Tuesday - Tomatoes, chili peppers, okra

Tuesday - More Radish pods, okra, chili peppers, toamtoes, eggplants

Thursday - Yard long beans, green beans, okra

Saturday - green beans, yard long beans, tomatoes, chili peppers

Sunday - cucumbers, chili peppers

Sunday - tomatoes


  1. You have a large and beautiful harvest for a garden wind down.
    My cucumbers are also at the end of their life cycle, but they are producing some, so I will keep them as long as I can. My tomatoes are long gone.
    You do have a lot of beans!

  2. That sure is a large harvest of radish pods! Did you grow the radishes specifically for them, or did you just leave ones that didn't bulb enough in the ground?

    I wish I would have known that you could eat those a few weeks ago when some of my neglected radishes produced them. :)

  3. vrtlarica - Thank you! I too will keep all the plants until they completely die out on me :-)

    Prairie Cat - No, I did not grow radishes for the pods, but some that I pulled were quite mature and then I realised that you could use the pods! They're not even available in stores here, so that was cool!

  4. That looks like a nice harvest this week. I love all the chili peppers. I grow them and always wish I had more.

  5. Looks like a great harvest. I am still waiting for the tomatoes to ripen here in my garden

  6. I think it's so cool that you harvest a bit here, a bit there, and have something just about every day of the week. Since our garden is so small, I generally harvest just once a week on the weekend when I'm home. Maybe next year, I'll experience the joy of multiple harvests every week! Hope there are still a few more weeks left of summer harvests in store for you. Will you be doing a fall garden, or does it get too cold in MN for that?

  7. wow - what do you do with radish pods? Are these just the seeds from radishes? Interesting.

  8. Daphne - I love chili peppers too! This year though, I overdid myself and found that I had too many plants. However, the good part is I can use most of the peppers dried(after they mature and turn red) and also while they're green. So that worked out well.

    Brindavan in the bay area- Yes, my first tomato mature on July 14th !! I kept track this year, as usually they don't until end of Aug. I think it's the sunny location of the new plot.

    thyme2garden - As much as I am a random gardener, I have learnt over time, that plant different varieties of veggies, will yield little of each every week, which does ensure that I have something to do every day! I think the harvest size is declining, but will have something until frost kills everything :-) I have planted peas for fall harvest and plan to overwinter spinach and garlic this fall.

    Stevie from - Radish pods you can use in stir fries, sauteed or any other way you'd like! They are seeds of the radish plant but since they're harvested before they dry out, they're yummy with a nice crunch.

  9. I do say that I love your (our) blog design! Its just such a cute design, I couldn't help myself! Very appropriate for gardeners