Monday, August 23, 2010

Harvest Monday - 8/23/2010

Our garden is doing great!  August is usually a great time of the year for harvest, here in Minnesota.  Almost everything that was planted should be producing now, if they produce at all.  Here's my harvest for the entire week.  Please check out Daphne's Dandelions for other great harvests around the world.

Monday - Tomatoes

Monday - cucumber, okra, beans, yellow squash, chillies

Tuesday - tomatoes

Tuesday - cucumber, red bell peppers, chillies

Tuesday - Yard long beans, okra, green beans

Wednesday - tomatoes

Wednesday - White radishes

Wednesday - Carrots

Wednesday - Lonely beet

Wednesday - First Eggplant, yard long beans, dried cow peas, red bell pepper, cucumber, chillies.

Wednesday- More green beans!

Thursday - Tomatoes, yellow squash, cucumber, okra, chillies, lone yard long bean

Friday - Green beans

Friday - Tomatoes

Friday - Red bell pepper, yellow squash, okra, cowpeas(dried), chillies

Saturday - yard long beans, green bell pepper,chillies,cucumbers, okra

Saturday - zucchini, green chillies

Saturday - tomatoes

Sunday - Sweet banana peppers, red bell pepper, okra

Sunday - Yellow squash, zucchini, chillies, yard long beans

Sunday - Tomatoes, cucumber


  1. Love the harvest. I especially love the yard long beans. I tried them one year and the plants grew one foot high. They did flower, but it was amusing to watch a bean grow bigger than the plant. Maybe some year I'll try again as I do love them.

  2. What a fabulously productive garden you must be growing up there in MN! Those long skinny chili peppers look very good. Are they very spicy?

  3. Great job on the harvest this week! Lots of good stuff - but the steady stream of tomatoes has got to make you happy!

  4. Daphne - Yard long beans are fun to grow. I think I will move it to a different location next year, as they are heat loving plants and aren't yielding as much as they should, in the current spot.

    thyme2garden - Thank you! I usually plant lots of seeds for each variety to ensure a steady supply of produce. I have 3 varieties of chilli peppers - Cayenne, Thai and Kung Pao. Each variety has about 10 plants, so that's 30 plants of chilli peppers! All 3 are moderately spicy varieties.

    kitsapFG - I love picking tomatoes every day, but I am running out of space to keep them. I've frozen a good portion and am giving them away now!

  5. Your yard long beans look great! I've never grown them, but maybe I should be planting some next year. Great job on your harvest!