Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I've been reading about Harvest Mondays on Daphne's website for a while now.  Since I've got my blog now, I'd love to join in(even though it's wednesday).  This is my harvest for the week ending Aug 9th.

First Red Bell pepper(rotted on on side), few tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini, few green beans, cucumbers and an onion.

Second and final batch of Red onions harvested- washed and dried.

2 asparagus spears, a yellow squash, a few yard long beans, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Tomatoes and green beans. I pick my tomatoes while slightly colored.  They ripen in a couple of days.

Red bell peppers that I picked while they're still slightly green, so they don't rot on the plant.  They finally changed to fully red color(without any rot).


  1. I love all those onions. I had a really bad harvest of them this year. Some year I'll learn how to get big ones, but for now I'll eat my little tiny ones.

  2. Daphne - This was my first year of planting onions. The size was mixed with most ranging in small to medium and just a few were larger ones. The lesson I learnt, is to plant them deeper, if you want larger onions!

  3. Love your site...and your harvest! It's nice to find a fellow zone 4 gardener to compare apples to apples (or onions to onions) :0

    Thanks for the tip on planting onions deeper. A neighbor gave me some bulbs that weren't marked -- so I planted them thinking they were flowers, so planted them shallow. When I saw the green shoots I knew they were onions, pulled the first when I thought it was "ready" -- ha ha....the second one was quite small but at least edible...I do love learning as I go and grow too.

  4. Good to know that onions need to go deeper to grow bigger. Mine all died or were small this year. i have a few left in the garden, but I am not counting on them to be anything special.

  5. Sharon - I didn't know Montana was zone 4 as well. Welcome, it'll be great to see what you're able to grow in your place. We just have such a short summer about 3 months here in Minnesota, it's a pity! I would love to have a longer period of gardening - could have tried to grow so many other varieties of veggies that need a long summer!!

    Tosha - Yes, onions certainly need depth to grow a larger one. Shallow planted ones, (I read this) are good for spring onions. Will have to put this to test next year!