Monday, July 11, 2011

Harvest Monday - July 11, 2011

I've had a great week in my yard, inspite of the deer eating some cucumber plant tops.  Some new harvests, some - same harvests in larger quantities!  Garden is doing great.  Heat is picking up and I can see the plants respond to it and grow every day.  I will pick my first tomato anyday now :) 

Kids are enthralled by a duck that is sitting in between a rose and a peony plant, in the front yard.  It's right in front of our window, by the walking path, so they have the first row seats to everything that she is upto.  She probably has some eggs laid and sits there all day long except for couple hours in the evening.   We haven't been up close, but tried to peek through the window to see if we could spot any eggs(when mama duck takes off), but couldn't see anything except her feathers all around.  It must be underneath them.  Kids are now, not allowed to go out the front door as I'm worried they'll disturb her.  Finally I got around to read up on ducks' egg laying habits online and it seems that it takes about 28 days for the eggs to hatch.  That is a long time for the kids to be watching her and for us not to be able to go out the front door :) 

Duck sitting on its eggs!

Ok, I deviate, but I had to show you the duck!  Here are my harvest pictures for the week -

Strawberries(possibly last big harvest)

Yellow raspberries(similar quantity picked every other day)

Fenugreek(methi) leaves

Shelling Peas

Green beans harvest#1

Green beans #2

Green beans #3

Golden beets

This is how beautiful the golden beets looked - shredded.

Green cabbages

First harvest of zucchini

Beet Greens (to be steamed)

Also, not pictured potato leaves.  What can I say, it's been a wonderful week in the yard!  For other harvests, head on over to Daphne's Dandelions.....


  1. Great harvest - your cabbage looks wonderful!

    What do you do with your Fenugreek?

    My mother in law had the same thing happen with a mallard laying her eggs under a bush right by her front door!

  2. Thanks Allison! Cabbage took up a lot of space and this is what I ended up out of 8 plants :) I was motivated to pick cabbages as one was completely gone(eaten by bugs?)
    It wasn't tightly packed(like the ones in grocery store), not sure why that would be. We did enjoy eating those crisp cabbages though. About Fenugreek see my previous post, where I have all the details :)

  3. That's a great harvest! I am a little jealous of the amount of green beans you are harvesting. How many and what type (bush or pole)plants do you have for that amount of harvest?

  4. a fabulous harvest! and cute ducky too!

  5. What a nice harvest! I guess summer has arrived for you!

    Watching the duck will be a great learning experience for the kids. Hopefully there are some eggs and you will all get to see some babies!!

  6. Good harvest this week, but the green beans and the cabbages are particularly nice. Bless you for letting the duck have some peace to finish her laying. It's neat that you get the front row seat to watch her progress with her project.

  7. Crafty Cristy - Thanks! I have bush beans, don't remember the variety. I just pick up "bush" variety of beans, and haven't seen significant differences each year. I guess bush beans are all the same :) I do put in a lot of seeds (over 50?) maybe.

    Hanni - Thanks!

    Robin - Thanks! Kids are starting to realise that the duck will be there a loooong time, so no need to check up on it every few minutes :)

    KitsapFG - Thanks! We hope all the eggs hatch and mama leaves with her ducklings happily!

  8. I'm so jealous of your cabbages. My savoy cabbage is doing absolutely nothing! I'm also waiting my golden beets. Unfortunately they don't look as lovely as yours.

  9. Fantastic (and beautiful) golden beets! I just might have to try those next!

  10. Thomas - Thanks! Cabbages took too much time and space and yield was less than I'd hoped. They were loosely packed, but something is better than nothing :) Hopefully, you beets will grow well for you.

    Bee Girl - Don't you love the beautiful golden color of the beets. I promptly seeded some more :)

  11. Your harvest looks lovely and you blog is awesome.

  12. Look at all those cabbages. I detect some coleslaw in your future. Yum.

  13. What a nice duck visitor! I love the yellow raspberries. Are they as sweet as the red ones?

  14. Daphne - No coleslaw:) Different cabbage dishes though!

    meemsync - Yellow raspberries are very sweet! Love the color, love the flavor. I don't even get to click pics when kids pick them :)