Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What the ....$@#%^&*#@#$%^?

I was out last evening checking up on my plants and found this...

Hunh, does this look like Yard long beans to you? 

Now this is the packet that got planted and some dried asparagus bean pods(dried from last year), so why am I picking regular beans(or is it pole beans)?  I'm so confused. I went out again this morning to see if I could spot any yard long beans, but I saw this....
   and this....

and plants vining on the trellis.....

and upclose................

But no signs of yard long beans.   Quite a few of them have started to run up the trellis, can someone ID if they're pole bean plants?  I've always grown bush beans.  It was a terrible let down not to have any yard long beans(so far atleast!!).  I'm absolutely certain that I planted asparagus beans packet in that space, since this is not the first time that I've planted them.  I also plant regular beans but in a different location.  They're both planted at different times - bush beans in early spring and asparagus beans later in June. 

I decided to call Burpee and complain.  The customer service rep talked nicely to me and said it could be human error and offered to replace or refund.  I chose replacement seeds.....but they won't be planted until next season(:

Now, this is something interesting. We found a Spiderman among our cherries.  Yes, you read right, it's a SPIDERMAN!!!  Not sure what he was upto, with all those sour cherries :)
Spiderman, spiderman, the friendly neighborhood spiderman....

Shouldn't he be listed on ebay??????


  1. Looks like pole beans to me. Looks like Spiderman, too LOL!

  2. Look just like the pole beans I planted, too, but trust Annie's Granny. I am sure she is better at this than me.

  3. They don't look like asparagus beans I have. Sorry you didn't get the kind you want.

    LOL~ What's Spiderman doing in your garden?

  4. Grannny - Thanks for ID'ing. I always thought pole beans would be a little fatter than regular ones:)

    Crafty Cristy - Thanks to you too! You've seconded the opinion.

    Sherry - Yes, it was a huge disappointment not to have yard long beans this year(: On the other hand, we'll be in green beans heaven!lol!

    I guess the Spiderman was visiting this friendly neighborhood!LOL!

  5. Oh man, sorry about the bean mixup. What a complete bummer. My dad buys his asparagus bean seeds from an asian market. I can send you extra seeds for next year. I plan to grow these again for sure.