Monday, July 4, 2011

Harvest Monday - July 4, 2001

Happy 4th to everyone!!  I don't have too many pictures this week!  This is the time when spring is almost over and summer is not yet here, so spring crops are mostly done with, but summer crop is yet to be ready.  My bush beans however gave a small first harvest today :)

In addition to the following harvests, we used a lot of mint(not pictured) this week.

Strawberries #1

Strawberries #2

Green beans!!


  1. Those are some yummy looking strawberries.

    What did you end up using mint for? I only really ever use it for making hot tea in the winter.

  2. Beautiful strawberries and some good looking beans! I say you have some summer crops there!

  3.! What do you do with it??? This year we are using it to flavor our water and iced tea and for making mojitos. I think I might try making mint ice cream this year too! And your strawberries! I'm super jealous! Our strawberries aren't producing much this year...I am hopeful for next year, though ;-)

  4. Yum! Strawberries!! Congrats on your harvest!

  5. Great looking harvest! Still waiting on beans here, but maybe later this week. And I can almost smell those yummy strawberries!

  6. That looks like a pretty satisfying weekly harvest for being "in between" the spring and summer crops. :D

    Strawberries look particularly yummy!

  7. The green bean harvest has been very far. I am taking about a quart twice a week. Your beans look so good....and yummy strawberries.

  8. Prairie Cat - Thanks! We use mint for mint chutney.

    Robin- Well, maybe a tiny summer crop :)

    Bee Girl - Don't be too jealous, they weren't very sweet.

    MK girl - Thanks!

    Holly - Thanks!

    villager - Thanks! Yes, strawberries smelled delicious :) Taste was ok though, not all sweet.

    kitsapFG - It was barely enough for the kids. They had the beans in one sitting and asked for more, none for us adults :) Looking forward to larger harvests to satisfy all of us.

    The Sage Butterfly - Thanks! Beans production will pick up for us in a week or so as well!

  9. Yum strawberries. I"d add sugar to them if they weren't sweet, but yum anyway. I can't wait for strawberries.

  10. Daphne- We do add sugar to strawberries but only when we use blender :)

  11. good to see that your strawberries are still going strong!

  12. I wish we were harvesting green beans. Our plants have been slow to take off.

  13. thyme2garden - Well, strawberry season is now over :)

    meemsync - We've always had good luck with beans, good thing too, since kids love them!