Monday, July 18, 2011

Harvest Monday - July 18, 2011

Cherry trees are loaded with cherries this year!  They're sour cherries, but look really delicious.  We picked a container full yesterday.  I think I will juice them and what else?  Do you have a favorite recipe for sour cherries? 

This is also the week I pulled out my garlic.  Since this is my first year growing garlic, it was very exciting to the garlic bulbs as I pulled out the plants one by one, all twelve of them :)  Some were really large, most medium size.  I've to cure them for 2-3 weeks before I can use them.  Also, not pictured were  zucchini, beans and basil.  I used them right away and forgot to get their pictures.  All in all, it was a good week.  For other harvests check out Daphne's Dandelions.

Sour cherries


Garlic (upclose)
Red onions, basil and first tomato!


Oregano for drying

Golden raspberries and a red one!

Zucchini and two tomatoes

Green beans

Green Peas


  1. Wow. Impressive harvest this week.

  2. Wow. Impressive harvest this week.

  3. What I wouldn't give for a sour cherry pie. Cherry pie is one of our favorites. That's quite an impressive harvest. How long did it take you trees to bear fruit?

  4. woow ..poowhani ur cherries look awesome ...what did u do with all of it ?...lovely produce of the beans as well ...kasa sukke kelle ve ?

  5. Great harvest! Those cherries look great! Make jam with them!!

  6. Good harvest. The garlic looks great! Seems like your 1st try paid off well!

  7. Wow look at all those cherries. What a nice harvest.

  8. Very nice! Random, I just discovered today I wasn't following your blog! I thought I was....I am now, for sure :-)

  9. I'll join in with the choir of cherry admirers... wow! I would definitely make a cherry pie. Your garlic looks like it grew out nicely for you.

  10. I'd go, as others would, with cerry pie, my all time favorite. Wish I had a cherry tree.

  11. Crafty Cristy - Thanks!

    Thomas - Aww.. thanks! The tree is about 8 yrs old!

    nirmala - Thanks! We're making cherry juice and "cutted" beans :)

    Allison - Thanks! Since we made about 6 pints(4 left) of strawberry jam, not sure there'd demand for more jam :)

  12. Shawn Ann - Yes, it would seem so. I'm so going to plant more garlic this fall!

    Daphne - Thanks! Cherries are really producing well this year.

    Annie's Granny - YES! I'm so flattered that you'd consider following my blog. Thank you!

    kitsapFG - I've never made cherry pie before! I'll have to find a good recipe now. Garlic sure looks nice! Thanks!

    martha - Thanks! I'll now have to make a pie, wouldn't I:)