Monday, July 25, 2011

Harvest Monday - July 25, 2011

An update on the duck that I blogged previously.  Yesterday evening, the duck was fluffing and spreading wings quite often and during this process, we could see some movement underneath its wings.  Ducklings!!!  Eggs are finally hatched.  Kids were glued to the windows to see some glimpses of the little ducklings and to count how many there were.  We were expecting them to be gone this morning, but the mama duck is sitting on the eggs/chicks with a couple of ducklings' faces visible around her body.  I could see a few, but there were about 8 eggs in there.  Not sure when she'll leave with the ducklings. Perhaps there are some more eggs to be hatched....

Can you see the duckling underneath the wing?

Onto Daphne's Dandelions for Harvest Mondays.  This week was when I finally dug out the Yukon Gold potatoes.  Kids were excited to dig and find some.  I have them in the container, so it is easy to dump the contents onto a tarp and go through the dirt.  It is hard to miss any potatoes that way!  Also, cherry harvest continued.  Will be making a pie today :)
Yukon gold potatoes

Sour cherries

Beans and cherries

Yellow raspberries

Yellow squash

Beans and some peas

Green Bell Peppers and Red onions

Yellow squash, 2 tomatoes, sweet banana peppers

Green beans




  1. Oh those ducklings are darling! Thank you for being patient enough not to disturb them while she sat the nest out.

    Your harvest is a good one this week, but the highlight for me is those sour cherries. Yum!

  2. I love your harvest, but the highlight for me this week is the great news about the ducklings! How sweet! I know your kids have enjoyed watching the developments. I know I have enjoyed following along in the blog. 8 ducklings! How awesome!

  3. Looks like you had a good harvest. The ducks are adorable. I had a mama duck behind my house that was hatching eggs last month. I think she's moved on with the babies.

  4. KitsapFG - Thanks! It was wonderful to be a part of the duck habitat :) Glad that all went well with mom and babies :) Sour cherries sure are great!

    Allison - Thanks!

    Crafty Cristy - Yes, it was a long wait to see the ducklings! Atleast 21-25 days since we saw the duck sitting there. Kids were super excited and we were getting reports every other second of what the duck was upto, once they spotted the ducklings:)

    rmgales - Thanks! The harvest was satisfactory. Still missing tomatoes, squash and melons. Oh well, something's better than nothing :) It is wonderful to see the nature unfold before your eyes. Mama duck did a wonderful job of taking care of the eggs upto hatching them into ducklings.

  5. Oh dear, I saw the photo of your cherries and for some reason, my mind thought "cherry tomatoes." I was reading with intense fascination to discover how to make cherry tomato pie! :) Sweet little ducklings, too!

  6. Hanni, That would be really interesting!Lol! Cherry tomato pie! Yes, it is quite easy to mistake cherries for tomatoes, as most everyone else is having tomatoes:)

  7. Great harvest! What a variety! Yum - those raspberries look great, as do the cherries, and the veggies look delicious, too. How exciting to see little baby ducks! I wonder if more eggs are still hatching.

  8. Yesterday I dug up some Yukon Gold potatoes too. But I had to dig as I did a deep planting of them. It was slow since I didn't want to spear any of them. And look at all your cherries. They look beautiful.

  9. HolleyGarden - The duck has since left with all her ducklings and there were no eggs left, which is good news. It can only mean that all her baby ducklings were hatched :)

    Daphne - How wonderful to be able to dig through the dirt and find the potatoes!